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It is my mission to hold space for my clients, allowing them to feel heard and valued. I will honor where each client is without judgment and will help to guide them to the answers that are innately within them. I will help them to overcome their fears, be aware of limiting beliefs, live more presently in the moment (not in the past or future), and shift their mindset in order to experience transformation which allows them to be their most authentic self and live a more joyous, peaceful, and fulfilling life.



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What My Clients Are Saying

Ellie C.

Coaching with Kerstin helped me to learn to be open-minded. My coach also helped me a lot with my stressors. She worked on everything I had trouble with and listened intently. Working with her helped improve me in ways that I didn’t think of. She taught me the value of being myself and being okay with everything, as well as I learned how to get rid of bad habits in super mindful and easy ways. I had signed up in hopes of having help with weight loss and ended up with the following benefits as well: reduced cravings, less emotional eating, learned healthier eating habits, and overall healthier habit changes. As well, I experienced a reduction in stress/anxiety, increased fun/happiness, more life balance/purpose, improved self-esteem, and thoughts for planning my future. I highly recommend trying out coaching, and being committed to your healthy lifestyle. Thank you again, Kerstin!

Kerstin Pelletier

Certified Life & Health Coach

Welcome! I am very grateful to have you visit my webpage and get to know me better. I am a woman in my fifties and I have spent the last thirty-five years or more working on my personal growth and development, as well as deepening my spirituality. It has been a beautiful journey and in the past couple of years, I have faced a lot of challenges that became gifts to me as they accelerated my personal growth and spiritual journey. Having overcome an eating disorder, navigated through two marriages and subsequently two divorces, been a single parent, put myself through school more than once, started my own business, owned my own home, healed myself from fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, navigated through a relationship with a narcissist, and started my financial life over again at fifty, I was guided to help others to face adversities and change their mindsets in order to transform their lives and go through a metamorphosis as I did. I would love the opportunity to work with you, to help you be the best version of yourself – your true authentic self that’s calling to you to come forward. If you would like to learn more about me and my journey to better understand the challenges that I have faced, overcome, and bounced back from, please go to the “more about me” page. If you would like to speak with me to find out how I can help you lead your most authentic life, please click “Book Now” and schedule a free thirty-minute discovery call. During this time, we can determine how I might assist you with your transformation and if I am a good fit for your coaching needs. We are all capable of transformation, but sometimes we need some support and guidance to complete our metamorphosis.

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